Barclays Christmas Card Design Winners

In December 2015 the children in our school all put their thinking caps on and came up with some brilliant designs for Christmas Cards for the Barclays Bank competition.  There were some wonderful designs that covered everything about Christmas.  The winners were all presented with a goody bag from Ruth, at Barclays Bank in Builth Wells, as well as a certificate to keep!  Here are the winners, their cards along with their goody bags and certificates.


Year 4 Autumn News



Here is a selection of news that the children of Year 4 wanted to include in this newsletter.



In Welsh we’ve created a personal information story-map to practise introducing ourselves to new people. Below we have written some of the language patterns we have learnt to use.


My personal information

Alanna ydw i. Rwy’n byw ym Llanfair ym muallt. Rwy’n mynd i ysgol Llanfair ym muallt. Rwy’n wyth oed. Mae un chwaer gyda fi. Fy hoff bwyd

ydy ginio rhost a rwy’n casau curri. Here is my translated version. I am Alanna. I live in Builth Wells. I go to Builth Wells Primary School. I am eight. I have one sister. I like roast dinner and I hate spicy curry. We have enjoyed Welsh in Year 4.

By Alanna and Kaden.





Keeping Warm

At the start of the term we did an experiment on hot and cold. First we used touch to decide if objects were warm or not. We did lots of experiments on how to keep water hot and cold. During our experiments, we used thermometers and recorded the results of how hot or cold the water was and then we presented data that we collected inside results tables on line graphs and bar charts.

By Alexandra and Corey


Circuits and Conductors


In science we have learnt about electricity and its dangers, we’ve also made many circuits. During such times, we have had the opportunity to use equipment, such as batteries (power source), wires, bulbs and switches. Making a switch enabled us to learn how electricity can be switched on and off. We have really enjoyed working with circuits.


By Kayne and Riley


Circuits and Conductors

We have learnt of scientific symbols that represent the components that form a circuit, such as a bulb, power source (battery) and a switch. We have also learnt how to be safe around electricity and the damage it can cause. It can give you an electric shock, it might burn you and if you experience a severe electric shock it can cause problems with a person’s breathing and heartbeat, possible leading to death!


JBy Ieuan and DaisyJ



Photo frames

In October, Year 4 made photo frames out of a selection of materials. We painted them and decorated them with: glitter, stickers, pompoms, ribbons and buttons. We made sure that they were sturdy and stable.

By Elsa and Leila



Letters and Sounds


In Letters and Sounds we do lots of fun things, things that help us to improve our spelling. We have learnt of many different graphemes and phonemes, including sounds that make ur (ir, ur, ure and er). To make our learning fun, we have done word searches, quick-write activities, phoneme frames, blends, riddles, sorted phonemes as well as read passages to spot phonemes. We have segmented words, written who, when, why and where questions and much more. Our Letters and Sounds is really fun.

By Alaia and Ruben




Tudor Rose

We’ve made Tudor roses in ICT and in ART. We enjoyed making them in ICT and ART, here is more detail. In ART, we brought in different materials and created our Tudor rose.

In ICT, we went on power- point and made our Tudor roses out of shapes.

The Tudor rose is an important emblem. It was created when England and Wales united after Henry VII married Elizabeth of York following the Battle of Bosworth.

By Tanwen and Rhiannon




Over the term, we have learnt and practised lots of numeracy skills, for example, we have learnt methods, such partitioning to help us to work out additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions quickly. In addition, we have learnt how to use written methods. We used a frog to help us with our subtractions and we have solved math problems. We have worked together to solve problems. We have learnt of shape properties and even made 3D shapes using straws and plasticine so that we could work out how many edges, vertices and faces each shape has.

By May and keisha


In November, Year 4 wrote times table poems, for example, a poem using the 6 and 8 times table. We tried hard to include adverbial phrases and rhyme.Here is one of the 6 times table poems.

One snowman with arms made from sticks. One times six equals six.

Two snowmen hanging out with Melve, two times six equals twelve.

Three snowmen eating in the Cwtch unseen, three times six is eighteen.

Four snowmen on a see –saw. Four times six is twenty four.

Five snowmen all called Percy. Five times six is thirty.

Six snowmen eating weetabix, six times six is thirty-six.

Seven snowmen sitting on the loo. Seven times six is forty-two.

Eight snowmen snuggling in bed at night. Eight times six is for – eight.

Nine snowmen skidding along the floor. Nine times six is fifty-four.

Ten snowmen, one purple and a bit like a pixie. Ten times six is sixty.


By Ruby and Chelsea.



One little rabbit was running two hours late. One times eight equals eight.

Two little rabbits sat on a wall unseen. Two times eight equals sixteen.

Three little rabbits sleeping on trampoline by the door, three times eight equals twenty-four.

Four little rabbits on the door and one named Sue. Four times eight equals thirty-two.

Five rabbits out playing and being naughty! Five times eight is forty.

Six rabbits climbing on the metal gate, six times eight is forty-eight.

Seven rabbits in the woods collecting sticks. Seven times eight is fifty –six.

Eight rabbits sitting on a floor. Eight times eight is sixty-four.

Nine rabbits running over somebody’s new shoes. Nine times eight is seventy-two.

Ten rabbits awoken by Katie. Ten times eight is eighty.


By Caroline and Miss Bowkett



On November 7th, Year 4 went into the hall and watched a terrific man perform a workshop all about Henry the VII. It was very interactive, and therefore a great way of making our learning come to life. During the performance, many people were given the opportunity to dress up, for example: Joshua, Callum, Ava and Neve. Ava and Neve were both Tudor ladies, Callum was Henry VI (Henry VII’s father) and Kaden dressed as Richard III. Ava and I really enjoyed it!

By Ava and Joshua



Dilwyn and Deio

Dilwyn and Deio are two cuddly soft toy Welsh dragons. Year 4 have won Dilwyn 4 times!!!!!!

Different classes win Dilwyn or Deio by speaking Welsh throughout the school day because if you speak Welsh you can earn a tocyn Cymraeg, one that will then be added to the class collection. At the end of the week each class counts up their tocynau and the total is compared with the totals from other classes. The class with the most tocynau win Dilwyn or Deio. Dilwyn goes to the English stream and Deio goes to the Welsh stream. Mrs Rogers announces the winner in assembly on Friday. We have earned as many as 84 tocynau in one week! We like having Dilwyn in class with us for the following week. By Izzie and Emily



Tudor Discussion

On Wednesday 5th November 2014 we wrote a discussion based on comparing Tudor home-life and Modern home-life. We had to write each point balanced and fair. We wrote positive and negative points for both sides. We wrote our own opinion on which home-life we would prefer to live in. We had to plan the points before writing the actual piece. Everyone had different opinions. We were challenged to link our sentences with a range of conjunctions as well as set our discussions out properly using paragraphs. Everyone came up with their own points. We all tried to make the points factual, short and snappy. We all enjoyed discussing Tudor home-life and Modern home-life as it helped us understand more about how home-life has changed over the years. By Neve and Frances Year 4

Peace light visit

In December 2014 the Peacelight came to our school shared with us by representatives of the Boy Scouts and Girls Guides of Europe on a journey to Bethlehem.

Here are some of the images taken during the assembly.

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