Enterprise Troopers/ Y Criw Mentrus

On Tuesday 24th February 2015, 4  members of Clwb Menter represented the School in Carmarthen. It was the regional finals in the Enterprise Troopers Big Ideas Wales competition.


As we have over 30 members in our Enterprise Club, every child interested in representing the club filled in an application form and Mr David Price, Chair of Governors and Mrs Rogers, our Acting Headteacher shortlisted 9 for interviews. 9 children then took part in an interview before the final four were selected. Shannon Burton, Iwan Coyle, Lucy Claridge and Libby Walker were our representatives. They did a fantastic job setting up our display boards and then took part in a 28 minute interview with 4 different judges for 7 minutes at a time. As a club we learnt a lot and will report back to the club so that every member has the opportunity to see what the representatives had to do.


Ar Ddydd Mawrth 24ain o Chwefror, aeth 4 cynrychiolydd o Glwb Menter i Gaerfyrddin. Roedd y clwb wedi cyrraedd y rownd derfynal rhanbarthol yng Nhystadleuaeth y Criw Mentrus a oedd yn rhan o Syniadau Mawr Cymru.


Gan fod dros 30 o aelodau yn y clwb, roedd pob plentyn â diddordeb i gynrychioli’r clwb wedi llenwi ffurflen gais ac yna fe fu Mr David Price, Cadeirydd y Llywodraethwyr a Mrs Rogers ein Pennaeth dros dro yn cyfweld â’r 9 plentyn a gafodd ei ddewis ar y rhestr fer. Dewiswyd Shannon Burton, Iwan Coyle, Lucy Claridge a Libby Walker i gynrychioli’r clwb. Roedd y 4 wedi gwneud gwaith arbennig yn gosod yr arddangosfa ac yna cymryd rhan mewn cyfweliad 28 munud gyda 4 beirniad gwahanol am 7 munud yr un. Fel clwb, rydym wedi dysgu llawer a byddwn yn adrodd nôl i weddill yr aelodau fel bod pob aelod yn cael y cyfle i weld beth oedd yn rhaid i’r cynrychiolwyr ei wneud.


Take a look at the link below for more information.


Tymor y Gwanwyn 2015 Spring Term

Wear Red for the British Heart Foundation

On Friday 6th February, we all dressed up in red to support the British Heart Foundation. We all made a donation and the school raised over £200 for the charity. Ar Ddydd Gwener y 6ed o Chwefror, roedden ni gyd wedi gwisgo dillad coch er mwyn cefnogi’r  ‘British Heart Foundation’. Roedden ni gyd wedi  gwneud cyfraniad ariannol ac roedd yr ysgol wedi llwyddo i godi dros £200  ar gyfer yr elusen. Da iawn i bawb.


The Happy Puzzle Company

Ar Ddydd Mercher 4ydd o Chwefror, daeth y cwmni yr Happy Puzzle Company i’r ysgol er mwyn i ni gael trio rhai o’u posau. Cawsom hwyl yn arbrofi gyda’r gwahanol posau ymarferol ac ar ol ysgol, cawsom gyfle i ddangos i’n rhieni.  Roedden ni gyd wrth ein bodd.


On Wednesday 4th of February, The Happy Puzzle Company came to school for us to try some of their puzzles. We had fun experimenting with the practial puzzles and after school, we had the opportunity to show our parents. We all  had a brilliant time.


Lend Me Your Literacy

On Wednesday 21st January, Miss Beth Evans of Lend Me Your Literacy came into school with one of her Minions. She had a message from Doctor Nefario and he asked us to create a brand new potion. We worked extremely hard to write our own instructions to create the different potions. We had a lovely afternoon writing and it was so exciting to see our work published on the Lend Me Your Literacy website. Why don’t you take a look? http://lendmeyourliteracy.com/lmyl-day-builth-wells-primary-miss-carpenters-year-34-class/


Urdd National Swimming Gala/ Gala Nofio Cenedlaethol yr Urdd

Logan, Jack G and Thomas went to Cardiff on Saturday January 25th to represent South Powys in the National Urdd Swimming Gala. Thomas competed individually and in a relay team with Logan, Jack G and Corey. They represented the school well and we are very proud of them.

Ar Ddydd Sadwrn 25ain o Ionawr aeth Logan, Jack G a Thomas i Gaerdydd i gynrychioli De Powys yn Ngala nofio Cenedlaethol yr Urdd. Bu Thomas yn cystadlu yn unigol yn ogystal â chystadlu gyda Logan, Jack G a Corey yng nghystadleuaeth y ras gyfnewid. Roeddent i gyd wedi perfformio’n dda ac rydym yn falch iawn ohonynt.



Dydd Mawrth 6ed o Ionawr 2015 Tuesday 6th January 2015

Ar Ddydd Mawrth y 6ed o Ionawr, aethon ni i Theatry Wyeside i weld Pantomeim Cymraeg Patagonia.

Patagonia yw ein thema ni yn Naearyddiaeth y tymor yma. Felly roedd yn amseru gwych.

Cwmni Mega oedd yn perfformio a chawsom fore wrth ein bodd yn canu, chwerthin a dawnsio gyda’r criw.

Cawsom hanes y daith ar y Mimosa o Gymru i Batagonia yn 1865 gyda chymeriad doniol Mwydryn Madryn ar y llong.


On Tuesday 6th of January 2015, we went to the Wyeside to watch a Welsh Medium pantomime, Patagonia. Our topic in Geography is Patagonia and it was perfect timing for us. Cwmni Mega performed the pantomime and we enjoyed singing, dancing and laughing with the crew.

We learnt about the journey of the Mimosa from Wales to  Patagonia in 1865 with the funny character Mwydryn Madryn.

Poetry inspired by senses

In Year 4 during guided reading, we read a range of genres in groups.

Here are some poems influenced by a poem based on the senses.


I love the view.

I love the view from the Mountain top.

I stand and see the sea shimmering below me.

The houses look so small my favourite view of all.

My favourite sights are: Mountains snow and the sea with sand all over.

By Tanwen


I love the view

I love the view from my bed room window.

I can smell mummy baking scrumptious tea and dinner.

I love watching my neighbour’s dogs and cats playing in their gardens.

By Ruby


Garth hill

I stand at the top of Garth hill, the view so peaceful and still.

I love the river winding around.

The tiny houses on the ground.

The quarry so big and tall, my favourite view of all.

By Ruben



In Spain I love to look at the beautiful blue sea.

I love to look at the tall mountains towering over me.

I like to look at the old village square and watch the people so busy there.

By Caroline

St Dwynwen

Year 2 celebrated St Dwynwen’s Day by listening to the legend of St Dwynwen who is the Welsh Patron Saint of Love.  She fell in love with the handsome Prince Maelon, much to the annoyanceof her father, Brychen Brychiniog. He forbade them to marry and Dwynwen ran to the forest in despair.  There she was visited by an angel who calmed her spirits with a soothing potion.  Prince Maelon was also given some of this potion but instead of calming him, it turned him into a statue of ice.  The angel granted Dwynwen three wishes; with the first she freed Maelon from the ice,  with the second she asked that she should never fall in love again and with the final wish she asked for peace and love for everyone.

We really enjoyed listening to this myth and produced some fantastic writing.  We also made red hearts, using our measuring skills.  

Healthy Eating

On Thursday 5th February Georgina and Kayleigh, two students from Builth High School, visited Year 2 to talk to us about healthy living.  We learnt all about the types of food we should eat more of, that we need to exercise to keep our  bodies fit and that if we keep fit and healthy we will be happier in general.  Thanks to all the parents who encouraged their children to complete the questionnaire.  We really enjoyed the presentation and will endeavour to heed their advice.


Brazilian inspired mural

Year 5 have been busy looking for tree bark to use in Art this term.  They are going to rub the bark marks with some material and a fabric crayon, then they are going to pick out the details and make a mural for the wall in the classroom.

This afternoon it was lovely and sunny, if very cold, so we went on a hunt into the school Nature Area where we found lots of interesting bark and some lovely snowdrops!