Friday 23rd January 2014

          In this report you will read about a balanced diet and how to eat healthily so that you will be strong and energetic. Also, you will find out some facts you might have never known as well as the five food groups and vitamins and minerals and what they give.

         The five food groups include: Fruit and vegetables, dairy products, grains and pulses, meat, fish and eggs and sugars and starches. Grains and pulses are a staple part of the diet. They give you a source of protein, and they include carbohydrates, Nuts are also included in this food group. Dairy products include cheese, yoghurt and milk. These foods give you proteins, fat and calcium. Calcium is good for your teeth and bones. Fruit and vegetables give you fibre, vitamins and minerals. You should always have a five a day. Starches, sugars and fats give you, carbohydrates, sugar and energy, refined sugars and fats and starches. You are allowed a treat, but eating too much is unhealthy and you could get ill if you eat tons and tons every single day. Meat fish and eggs give you protein that helps you build muscles as well as other nutrients. This food group includes: Chicken and all poultry, fish and all shellfish and beef, pork and lamb. Meat fish and eggs are good for you.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamin A helps maintain eyesight. Vitamin A is in sweet potatoes and carrots.

Vitamin B helps your body make protein. Vitamin B is in Green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C  helps to heal skin and prevent colds. Vitamin C is in citrus fruits and tomatoes.

Vitamin D strengthens bones. Vitamin D is in milk and can be obtained from sunlight.

Vitamin E helps strengthen cells. Vitamin E is in vegetable oils and nuts.

Iron helps you have you have very healthy blood. Iron is in green leafy vegetables. Vitamins and minerals help to keep your blood healthy as they can help cuts to heal, maintain good eyesight and healthy blood.

Foodie facts

         Children who have breakfast get higher scores in tests than ones who don’t. Our brains are made from 80% fat and our bodies are made from 80% water! I think my diet is balanced because I eat my 5 a day, meat eggs and if I’m good I get a little bit of sweets and chocolate.

My comment about my report

I would give myself 5out of five for this report because I have put a lot of effort into it and I have tried hard.


By Neve Davies Year 4

Easter Science Reversible Changes

Today Year 5 were enjoying recapping on Changing States in Science!  We changed the chocolate from a solid into a liquid in the microwave.  Then we mixed in some delicious 100% wholegrain, low salt and sugar Shredded Wheat which we had broken up to look like twigs.  After everyone mixing it up we made it into nests before the reversible change happened and the chocolate returned to being a solid, although in a different shape!

We added some eggs to symbolise new life and a chick too!  We had already made and decorated some Easter basket ready to add the nests to.  We even had enough to make some for the people who were away and Mrs Rogers, as well as Mrs Evans and Mrs Davies in the office!

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Clay Masks in Nature Club Spring Term

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

We enjoyed making the clay masks so much in the Autumn term that we decided to have another go!  Miss McCarthy was not with us last time so it was something new for her!

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Club news – Tuesday, 18 November

Nature club were all out and about this week with people putting up the bird seed feeds we made last week and creating clay masks.

If you want to know how to make the bird seed feeders ask a club member!  They are really easy to make and the birds were watching as we were hanging them up!!

The clay masks were really good fun to make and used natural items that were found around about which were pressed into the clay on the tree trunk.


I am sure that the birds will all enjoy their winter snacks!

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Comic Relief March 2015

Today the children of Builth Wells Primary School have come to school wearing a Funny Face for Comic Relief  2015.  It was a fanatastic sight to see them all arriving this morning.  Through generous donations they have raised nearly £300! A huge thank you to everyone for their support!  Photographs will be in the gallery here.