Builth Primary Spelling Bee 2015

Builth Primary held their first Spelling Bee for both Welsh and English streams on Wednesday, 29 April 2015.   The children from Year 2 – 6 in both streams had been given 30 words to learn over the Easter break.  They were then tested in the prelims to see who would be put forward for the final in front of family and friends.

The standard of spelling was exceptional with someone from Year 3 competing on the same level as the Year 6 contestant!  The Spelling Bee gives children of all ages the chance to show how their spelling has improved since our ‘Letters and Sounds’ program has had time to filter through the school.

The final three in the Welsh contest were very evenly matched with one contestant having to return to the stage three times when the other two also incorrectly spelled their words!  A real nailbiter of an ending to a fiercely fought contest.

The winners were presented with a glass tumbler with embossed bee motifs to keep which will be engraved for them.  Everyone who took part was given a certificate and a small prize for all the effort they had put into learning their words and helping to make this such an exciting event to watch.

It was a pleasure to see so many family and friends coming to support their children and this event, so a big ‘Thank you’ to everyone.

Here are some of the pictures taken on the night.