Nature Club in the Garden

Nature Club went out into the garden on Tuesday after school to tidy it up and plant some more flowers to bring in the the wildlife.  They also refurbished the bug hotel to encourage more insects to come into the garden.  Here are some photos of them busy at work.

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Year 5 Class Assembly - 2015

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I liked the bit when the healthy snack bar people came on stage because it was  very funny. I was in the space one and the healthy snack bar one also the weather one.

I was a weather girl and a kid.I liked our class Assembly.


By Ruby


I liked the bit when the weather people did their part because it was funny when they said about the weather in Builth Wells. I also liked it when they told us about the water cycle.I like it when we did the singing in a round.I think this class Assembly was a success.

By Lilly



I liked it when Bradley dropped the snack bars and all the people in the audience laughed at it and the

part when the Brazil Team gave lots of facts on Brazil  and how it became independent and how Dilma Roseff

became the Prezident of Brazil.

By Poric


I liked the play because in my group at the end we did the quiz we said the first question nobody answered the seconed time we did it the whole room shot up. I liked it when Bradley dropped the snack bars bars and the audience laughed their heads off. I thought our group gave lots of facts about Brazil and how independent they got.

By James


I liked the bit of the play when Bradley dropped the basket of all the boxes of snack bars, and everybody was laughing. I also liked the bit of the play when in our group the Brazil Team Lydia pretended to be Dilma Rouseff, she is the president of Brazil. The Brazil team did a quiz at the end and for the first question we asked

not one person put their hand up so we had to ask someone in the class but for the next question nearly the whole school put their hand up.

By Molly


I liked it in the snack bar group when Bradley was Jayne and he dropped the basket with all of the snack bars in it. After that everyone was laughing so much that I giggled a bit.I liked it in the Brazil group as there were lots of facts in that group and some that even I did not know and I know quite a lot about Brazil.

By Henry



Life for a child in Victorian times

Year 5 are learning about the 19th Century in History this term.  When they were making notes on the life of a poor child they did not use the whiteboard and dry wipe pen they usually would.  They used a slate and chalk – it was not as easy as you might think!

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Wonderwool Wales 2015

Children from our school have been working on a project with Mrs Shan Price to create pieces of work for the Wonderwool Wales 2015 competition.

Two of the children were successful and all the work was on display at the Royal Welsh showground during the Wonderwool Wales 2015 event in April.

Here are the winners with the work created behind them.