A warm welcome to year 6.


A very warm welcome to the year 6 class page.  We have a busy school year ahead, which will hopefully engage, challenge and motivate the children.  It is important that the children take more responsibility with their own learning.  The children will be expected to become more independent and focus on what they can do to improve their own learning. 


The children will have mental maths targets half termly and your support will be greatly appreciated here to ensure that the children practise and learn these targets.  The children be tested at the beginning and end of each term and these results will be shared with you in the reading records.


The children will be expected to read a minimum of three times each week.  Inside reading records are prompt questions to help you support reading.  Written comments can be then added to their reading record to show what you have completed with them.  It is important that we move away from just saying, read pages 35-40, Joe read well.  We would like to know more about their reading at home.  A sentence or two that shows that they have understood what they have read will help us.  I will check their reading records on a Friday.


The children will have information sheets that will tell them the current level that they are working at and what they need to be doing to get to the next level.  In their language books the children will also have specific writing targets to help improve the quality of their writing. 


During this term we are going to be learning about World War 2 and the significance of it.  The children will be learning about the leaders at the time, the impact that it had on the lives of different people.  We will be looking to link in the Literacy and Numeracy framework as much as possible.  The children will be reading Carrie’s War, looking at how children coped with evacuation.  I will update this more as we progress through the term.

Competition winners July 2015

During this term the children have entered a number of competitions in Art and Language.  Two of the children were entered into the Powys Literature Compeition for the National Eisteddfod. The prize for both categories was an ipad for the school and tickets for the children to attend a chairing ceremony where they will receive miniature replics of the a bardic chair with family tickets to the Eisteddfod too!.

In the Royal Welsh Art and Design Competition three pupils were successful with their entries winning tickets to the event.


Goodbye and Good Luck Everyone

Today we wished Goodbye and Good Luck to three members of staff who were leaving school at the end of term.

Mrs Sheila Evans was retiring after 21 years as the School Secretary whilst Mrs Olwen Childs was also retiring after 15 years in the Specialist Centre! Miss Rebecca Chidgey was leaving to take up another appointment at Knighton Church in Wales School in September after two years with us.  Also in the picture is Mrs Diana Davies who retired earlier this year after 7 years in the school office.   Best wishes for the future to everyone!

Caerdydd 2015/Cardiff 2015

On Wednesday, 8th and Thursday, 9th July 2015 both Year 5 classes from the school went to Cardiff for a series of activities which included an overnight stay in the Millennium Centre’s Urdd City Sleepover.  Here are some of the pictures taken by the children during our stay.

St Fagan’s was our first port of call

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History Day -Victorian stroll around town

Year 5 took to the paths of Builth Wells on Friday, 3 July 2015 to take in the sights on their perambulation.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped with costumes and to the people of the town who kindly asked us what we were doing and were very complementary about the children.