December homework letter 2015

Have you had time to look at hwb+ and see what is up on the Blog?

Update about the moon diary – Don’t worry if the bad weather has meant that cloud is covering the moon.  We will use the information from the whole class for our work so if you just record what you can see that will be fine!  My moon diary is looking pretty empty as I was not able to see it to record what it looked like when I was in Cardiff, hopefully yours is better!  Important thing is not to worry about it if you can’t see it!

Here is a copy of the December homework letter from the end of term  as promised.

May I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2016.


18 December 2015


Builth Wells Primary School

Dear Parent/ Carer

Your child is bringing home Science homework for the holiday relating to the topic we have been covering of ‘The Earth, Sun and Moon.  I am sending home a moon diary sheet that is to be filled in with the details for the shape of the moon, the date and time it was seen.  I realise that it will not always be possible for many reasons, such as time commitments and inability to see the moon due to cloud, so if your child could fill it out for as many days as possible then that would be really helpful.  We can then jigsaw the observations from similar areas to get a fuller picture.


As it gets dark quite early in the evening and will continue to do so for a while yet, despite the shortest day on 21 December 2015, I am suggesting that it is possible to make the observations needed without staying up beyond the time your child would normally have retired for the evening.  If they have any other observations to make regarding what they see these can be made on the reverse of the sheet.  If you have completed and returned the Acceptable Use form to school, then your child could make the observations on Hwb+ using their user name and password.  The children that were able to do this in the Autumn Half Term found it really useful, when we came to do our work. This is the fact finding part of the work that will be completed in school at the start of the new term.


I am sending home some problem solving tasks which the children should be familiar with how to do as we have done similar ones in class.


In the Spring term the class will be researching the Victorians through their History work, as well as across the curriculum when we do our Victorian Day.  This term will also see us taking an educational field visit to Cardiff in April 2016, further details about this will come at the start of the term. In Science, we will be working on units about ‘Changing State’ and ‘Gases All Around Us’ after we complete the Moon work in the first week.


Year 5 will be swimming on a Monday in the Spring Term, so a day for Games will be assigned at the start of term.


Thank you for your support in the Autumn Term and, in advance, for your support in this work.


Yours sincerely

Linda Westlake

Year 5

Christmas around the World 2015

Today saw the culmination of rehearsals with the performances of ‘Christmas around the World’ by Ffrwd Gymraeg 5 a 6 and Year 5 and 6, in the afternoon and evening, for Family and Friends to enjoy.  After each performance we thought they had done their best job, but they surprised us all with an even better performance the next time!  It was lovely to see and hear the ‘bonus bits’ that the children added to enhance their performances which showed how much they were enjoying themself and thinking about what they could do to improve it.

The teachers and teaching assistants were delighted by the performances and it was easy to see how much the audience were loving every minute of the show from my position at the back on the lights.

We would all like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to all the people who helped the children with their costumes, they were truly impressive and clearly a lot of work had gone into making some of them.

Here are some of the images taken this morning of the children in their various groups representing the countries featured and the main characters.

Tudor Houses

We made a model Tudor village on Wednesday 16thDecember 2015. Before making the model houses, we learnt that Tudor houses had black beams painted with tar and white limewashed walls made from wattle and daub. Later Tudor houses had glass window panes which formed a lattice pattern. The panes had to be small because glass was very expensive. The earlier Tudor houses had thatch roofs and the later Tudor houses had tiled clay roofs. To make the houses, we had to use nets to construct cuboids, cubes and rectangular prisms as well as add the relevant features.