Big Bird Watch - Nature Club 2016

Nature Club put on their wellies and coats and dashed out to join Mrs Westlake out in the school grounds on the Big Bird Watch 2016 last Friday, 29 January 2016.  It was a surprisingly nice day if a bit windy, but the sun shone most of the time and the rain came after we had finished our hour.

First of all Mrs Westlake was out at the barn where it was possible to be hidden and still see what was happening.  Harri noticed a wren on the logs that are for Forest Schools and she did not seem to mind us at all!  Mr Cornelius joined us and saw a house sparrow and some Blue Tits.  By now everyone who could make had arrived so we went up onto the field to see what it was like up there. Straight away we spotted some crows and a wood pigeon.  Then when we moved across to the other side of the field we were amazed to see two Red Kites swirling and twirling on the wind!  How special was that?  We also saw a few metal birds as several airplanes were leaving their trails in the sky.

All too soon it was time to go back down to line up on the yard for afternoon lessons.

The tally of bird will be added here but until then here are some images of our Bird Watch 2016.

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Rotary Prize Winners 2016

Year 5 were very pleased to receive some visitors to their class on Friday, 29th January 2016.  The gentlemen representing the Rotary Club of Builth Wells came along to see the work that the class had been doing last term on a replacement for the Webb Ellis Trophy from the Rugby World Cup 2015.  The Rotarians had set an art challenge in the Autumn Term and Year 5 had taken it up in their art lessons using collage.

The children had created their own designs and then made a representation of it using a collection of reused material and renamed it.

The winners can be seen with their designs with the gentlemen of the Rotary Club and again with the very special prizes they were given for their hard work.  The Rotarians recognised the work that everyone had put into their designs when they saw the rest of the children’s work on display in the Computer Suite, they  were sorry that they were not able to award more prizes!  They applauded all who had contributed to making the competition a success.





Ein topic ni y tymor hwn yw Teganau.

Our topic this term is Toys.


Dyma rhai o’r gweithgareddau rydym wedi bod yn gwneud.

These are some of the activities we have done.

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18th January 2016

Week commencing 18th January 2016 In Maths this week, we are going to be looking and understanding the different place values after the decimal point. Children will also being placing a range of numbers that include decimals in order. We will then be moving on to remind ourselves of strategies we have used for the four main operations. We will then be using these strategies to look at worded problems. Children will be supporting each other here, as we found this very useful last week. It is important that you work with your children on the basis of maths please. It is evident that the children are still not always confident in their knowledge of times tables. We have been working very hard on these in class and any support given at home is greatly appreciated. In Literacy we are going to be looking at the different features of persuasive writing. We are going to be looking at existing adverts from the Television and discussing what we think the message is. We are then going to be looking at existing adverts from the press and identifying what the message is and the impact that it has on us. Later in the week the children are going to be looking at slogans and their importance in persuasive language. The children will then have a go at creating new slogans for existing companies. As the week progresses the children will then be given the chance to create their own company name and slogan for their company. They will then be given the chance to design their own product. In Science we are going to be discussing separating of solutions. The children will be carrying a simple experiment to start this unit of work. Games are on a Wednesday, we will be outside, so please make sure that your child has the appropriate clothing. We are will be in the hall on Thursday morning. I hope that the River projects are taking shape, even if they are in the early days. Please feel to ask if there is anything that you are unsure about.

Victorian Miniatures Spring 2016

Year 5 have had a very busy day!  First of all they had to measure the wood to make their canvas frame for Art.  This meant that they were able to put to good use the strategies and skills for measuring they had been learning in Mathematics last week.  The wood was marked for the four sides with children choosing to have a rectangular or square canvas frame.

All the children had a reminder about how to saw safely using a bench vice and to be careful walking around with and using the saws.  The task of sawing the wood was greeted with enthusiasm by everyone!  The next step was to glue the sides together in the shape of a rectangle or square and then to re-enforce them with cardboard triangles.  The children used a right angle measure made from folded scrap paper (ask one of the class to show you how easy it is to do) to get the right size and shape.

Afterwards they had to cut out some material to use for the ‘canvas’ – Mrs Westlake’s recycled sheet.  The material was just a little bigger than the frame and was pinned in place with some drawing pins ready for painting.

The frame was hot glued by Mrs Westlake because it can be a hazardous task.  The canvas was then primed, by being painted white, ready for next week when the real work of painting the miniature can begin.  The children worked on the intitial ideas in their sketch books, in Art, trying out drawing different parts of the face before they started their painting and then went on to draw a final design. Key thing it to not make the picture too small as it is hard to paint even with special narrow brushes we use.

Here are some pictures of all the things we did today!

Electricity circuits

Circuits and Conductors

We’ve compared mains powered and battery powered devices. We have tested different materials inside a circuit to find out which materials are insulators and conductors. The photographs here show us investigating how to make and break a circuit as well as us investigating what happens to the brightness of a bulb when more of the same batteries are added to a circuit. We discovered that switches, like those we made will make or break a circuit and that if too many batteries/ power is added to a circuit that includes one bulb, the bulb will eventually blow. We also know that electricity is very dangerous.

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Week commencing 11th January 2016

In Maths this week we are going to be looking at division.  We are going to be hopefully moving away from the Chunking method and moving to a simpler strategy.  We will be then linking this to worded problems.


In Literacy we are going to be looking at presentation skills.  The children have been asked to present a book review on Friday afternoon.  We are going to looking at different approaches to presenting information.  The work on Friday will go towards their Oracy level at the end of year 6.


We are continuing to look at rivers this week.   The children are going to be identifying the different sections of the river.  The children will also be studying the impact of flooding.


Games this week will be on a Thursday in the afternoon.  The children will need both indoor and outdoor clothing on this day.


The children received a project to complete on Friday.  Please ask your child about it.