Week commencing 29th February

This week in maths we are going to be carrying out some work on shape.  The children will be identifying their properties.  They will also be identifying symmetry of 2D shapes.  At the end of the week, we will be turning our attention towards problem solving in Maths.  This is an important aspect of the Mathematical curriculum and we will be working hard here to develop strategies to support their learning.


In Literacy the children will be writing a fantasy story.  Previously they have written smaller sections of the story, looking at key aspects of good story writing.  The children will now plan and write their own story based.


In Science we will be considering the amount of water different fruits contain.  The children will be planning, investigating and finding information and will record their findings.


We also have Techniquest Maths Detectives in this week and I am really looking forward to this.

Cylch Logo winner!

The Cylch Meithrin Llanfair-ym-Muallt opened at the Riverside Community Centre in January this year.  It is a Welsh Medium pre-school setting for 2-4 year olds with funded sessions for 3+years in the morning and 2 year old sessions in the afternoon.  Spaces are available after Easter, for more details or to book a place email cmllym@gmail.com.


The Cyclch are delighted to announce the winner of the Logo design that captures both the spirit of the Cylch and the town of Builth.


Week commencing 8th February

In Maths this week, we will be carrying out some work on measures.  The children will be carrying out measuring activities and converting between different units of measurements.  Some of the children will also be completing work on conversion graphs linked to measures.  By the end of the week, we will have moved on to angles.  We will identify different angles including reflex angles.




In Literacy, we will be continuing our creative writing work.  The children will be looking at their character and writing a description about him.  The children will then begin to write about the dilemma in their story as the week progresses.


In Science we are going to be carrying out an experiment on dissolving.  The children will be using their homework to generate an experiment.  The idea of generating research, is help the children with their scientific thinking.  After attending a course last week, it is vital that the children show their scientific understanding to gain the higher levels.


It is Internet safety day on the 9th February 2016.  It is always good to have a chat about how your child is using the Internet at home.


Please encourage your child to read at home, it has been disappointing looking in the reading records.


Homework this week was a maths ratio sheet.  This is an extension of the work that we did last week.  They also have a reading paper to complete as well.  This should take about 30 minutes and we will mark it on Friday morning in class.