Sport Relief 2016

Sports Relief Day 2016 raised a massive £176.44 and the money is still coming in!!  Huge thank you to everyone who took part and who helped to make the day a really good one.  We all got the chance to do sporting activities during the day whilst the Year 4 and Ffg4 children and teaching staff were over the show ground at the Jamboree and the School’s Rugby team were off competing at Dunvant!

Nearly New Fashion Show 2016/ Sioe Ffasiwn Ffrindiau's Ysgol

On the evening of Wednesday, 16 March 2016 the Friends held a Nearly New Fashion Show to raise money for new ipads for the school to use within classes. The children were all invited to put their names forward to be models for the clothes and to do the compere’s job.  There were not enough boys clothes so we only needed girls.  Lots of girls volunteered and we pulled names out of a hat to find out who was chosen.  The two comperes were very professional and shared details of the outfits with the audience.

It was a really good evening and we raised £190.99.

Huge thank you to those who provided outfits, helped with the dressing, modelled the clothes, did the presenting and who came on the night to watch!

Easter fun in the Cwtch

In Lively Literacy we do reading one month and writing the next!  Here are some of our Easter writing.


One night the Easter bunny came into my home and stole my Kit Kat egg, but he didn’t look like the Easter bunny, he looked like a banana. I said “I must find out what he is doing before he steals all the children’s eggs!”. So in the morning I went search of the “Easter bunny’s” burrow (or house). Then I found this house saying “ALL EASTER EGG’S WELCOME” So I snuck in with a nerf gun filled with my mum’s hair spray so I can shoot the Easter ruener  in the eyes with the hair spray. Then a beautiful lady and we become husband and wife for ever and ever and we had a bunny child? Anyway the end.


by Erin



Every egg is yummy

All my friends have them

Start the hunt

Tear the paper from the eggs

Every Easter night

Run for eggs.


By Rhiannon



Easter night


March  24th 2016


Hi I am Bob I live in America and all I have is one thing to say…ITS  THE DAY BEFORE EASTER! But the only thing about Easter is the EASTER BUNNY(DUN DUN DUN!).So tonight at 12am I am going to set 19 traps for the Easter bunny so when I hear a THUMP in the night I will run downstairs…quietly and  capture the terrifying bunny and tie him on top of my horrifying lava burning pot of shame(DUN DUN DUN) . 4hours later I woke up at 12am(wondering how I woke up at the right time because I set my alarm and it said…time for revenge time for revenge)so I ran down stairs quietly and saw A Easter bunny hoping around the kitchen and  he said….“Bob…Bob…Bob…Bob” he murmured “You know you shouldn’t  be up this late” “You are just like my mum ”said Bob “Now now young child hop onto my back” “WHAT” said Bob confused “Hop on to my back….don’t say you don’t want to I took hours trying to get this saddle on” shouted the Easter bunny so Bob hopped on and suddenly some music switched on and the Easter bunny started sprinting across the kitchen saying “WE WILL BE TOGETHER FOREVER!” (DUN DUN DUN)






By Poppy

Feed the birds

In Nature Club on Monday, 7th March we went out to collect the old bird feeders and recycled them.  We did not want to use them again in case we gave the birds any diseases.  We made some new ones with lard, nuts, seeds, apples, oats, muesli, bread and dried fruit all mixed together and spooned into some cut out milk cartons we were recycling.  We went out to hang them up in the hedges and on the Fedge in the Infants yard.

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Investigation - changing states

In Year 5 this term we have been investigating how materials or things change their state.  So they might be solid, like chocolate, but then we can change their state to a liquid by adding heat.  We are seeing how much water is lost from fruit and vegetables when they are left out.

The investigation was set up on Wednesday, 9th March and we are checking it again on Wednesday, 16th March 2016.  What do you think will happen?  The class have made their best predictions so we will see!

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