Caerdydd 2016

On Monday, 11th April 2016 Ffg5 and Yr5 set off with Mr Price, Mr Cornelius, Mr Mason, Mrs Davies and Mrs Westlake for their educational field visit to Cardiff.  In two days they were going to the Big Pit in Blaenavon, the Principality Stadium, Techniquest and the National Museum of Welsh life at St Fagans as well as some fun in Red Dragon’s Ten Pin Bowling.  All with an over night stay at the Millenium Centre’s Urdd Sleepover!

Here are some of the photographs the children took with four cameras to keep a digital record of their experiences.  Mrs Westlake also took photographs when they were having too much fun to use a camera and of course the group photo!

cardiff16_001 cardiff16_002 cardiff16_004 cardiff16_006 cardiff16_007 cardiff16_008 cardiff16_009 cardiff16_010 cardiff16_011 cardiff16_012 cardiff16_013 cardiff16_014 cardiff16_015 cardiff16_016 cardiff16_017 cardiff16_019 cardiff16_020 cardiff16_021 118_0869 118_0872 118_0874 118_0876 118_0878 118_0882 118_0884 118_0885 118_0886 118_0898 118_0899 118_0900 118_0901 118_0902 118_0904 118_0906 118_0907 118_0908 118_0909 118_0910 118_0911 118_0912 118_0914 118_0915 118_0917 118_0918 118_0919 118_0920 118_0921(1) 118_0921 118_0922 118_0923 118_0925 118_0928 118_0929 118_0930 118_0931 118_0932 118_0933 118_0934 118_0935 118_0936 118_0937 118_0938 118_0942 118_0944 118_0951 118_0960 118_0961 118_0964 118_0965 118_0972 118_0974 118_0984 118_0985 118_0987cardiff16_022 cardiff16_023 cardiff16_024 cardiff16_025 cardiff16_026 cardiff16_027 cardiff16_028

Sandwiches D and T 2016

Spring Term – Year 4 Food Technology Rich Task

During this task, the children have carried out a survey based on different sandwich fillings and bread. They’ve created bar charts, written a report based on teaching children how to eat a balanced diet, planned a new nutritious sandwich filling, and then they made a sandwich considering health and safety. Next, they ate and evaluated their sandwiches.

To complete the rich task the children found out which country/place the different ingredients came from and now they’re in the process of developing a persuasive advert, one that will encourage young children to think carefully about what foods they choose to eat.

dsc01100 dsc01101 dsc01102 dsc01104 dsc01105 dsc01106 dsc01107 dsc01108 dsc01109 dsc01112 dsc01113 dsc01114 dsc01115 dsc01116 dsc01117 dsc01118 dsc01119 dsc01120 dsc01121 dsc01122 dsc01123

Week commencing 11th April

In maths this week, we will be revising the four number operations.  We will then be working towards using the operations to complete word problems.  The children will be creating their own word problems to show they are secure in the understanding of them.


In literacy we are going to be studying poetry and its features.  The children are going to be learning about personification and its use in poetry.  The children will then attempt to write their own poems later in the week.


We are going to be carrying out a lot of science work over the next two weeks in preparation for the moderation.  We are going to be looking at the viscosity of liquids to begin with.  We will then be investigating the life cycle of plants.


Swimming will start on the 18th April.  These will be time trials for the Swimming Gala.

Many thanks for your support with the homework over Easter.  There were some excellent pieces and your hard work in supporting your children doesn’t go unnoticed.


Staylittle trip is drawing nearer and the next installment of the deposit is due shortly.  We will be touch soon to request information about any medical conditions the children have and what they may require medication for.

Victorian Day 2016

On Friday, 8th April 2016 everyone in Year 5 dressed in their very best Victorian clothes to parade around the town in search of Victorian buildings.  Everyone had been briefed about what to look for and a check list was to hand to compare the characteristics of the building to the ones on the list to show it was a Victorian property.  The weather was kind to us with sunny spells whilst we were out.  Here are some of the images of the tour.

 dscn9873 dscn9874 dscn9875 dscn9876 dscn9879 dscn9880 dscn9882 dscn9883 dscn9884 dscn9885 dscn9887 dscn9888 dscn9889