Year 5 showing their story to Year 2

Year 5 worked on the story they had read about how New Zealand had been formed years ago.  The children used the Pie Corbet method to help them remember the order of the story.  Then they created story board/ cartoon strips to give to Year 2 in the form of a book about the creation of New Zealand, a story from the other side of the World.  One Wednesday afternoon the Year 5 children took their stories to Year 2 and performed the story detailing the events taken from The Magic Fishhook, retold by Heather Amery.

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Pupil Deprivation Grant (PDG) 2016-17

Pupil Deprivation Grant 2016-17

The Pupil Deprivation Grant (PDG) for 2016-17 will be utilised in the following way:

  • Staff to provide play-time support for LAC pupils and help with social interaction.
  • Funding of play therapy at the Windfall Centre, Llandrindod Wells.
  • Forest Schools funding to further resource the delivery of Forest Schools to targeted pupils in both streams to improve self-esteem and behaviour.
  • Purchase Numicon Maths resources to support FSM / ALN pupils.
  • Purchase Digital Learning resources to increase access to Digital Learning for FSM / LAC pupils.
  • Staff to deliver the Lexia intervention programme and other literacy interventions.
  • To partly fund residential visits for free school meals pupils.
  • Monitoring attendance, provision and attainment for FSM and LAC pupils

Hockey/ Hoci

Hockey Club is on Thursday between 3.30 and 4.30 pm and is open to children in Year 5 and 6 from both streams.  We learn hockey skills and play fun games.

In the Spring term, we take part in the Activate Hockey Tournament against other Powys Schools.  In the Summer term, we attend Dragon Hockey Skills sessions with children from other schools.

Children need shin pads, long socks, trainers and PE clothes.  The club is run by Mrs Michelle Davies supported by Mrs Linda Westlake.


Cynhelir Clwb Hoci bob Dydd Iau rhwng 3.30 a 4.30 yh ac mae croeso i blant Blwyddyn 5 a 6 o’r ddwy ffrwd.  Rydym yn dysgu sgiliau hoci ac yn chwarae gemau hwyl.

Yn y Gwanwyn, cymerwn ran ym Mhencampwriaeth Hoci ‘Activate’ yn erbyn ysgolion eraill.  Yn yr Haf, mae cyfle i fynychu sesiynau Hoci’r Ddraig gyda phlant o ysgolion eraill.

Mae angen ‘shin pads’, sanau hir, esgidiau rhedeg a dillad Ymarfer Corff ar y plant.

Arweinwyr y clwb ydy Mrs Michelle Davies hefo help o Mrs Linda Westlake.

Rugby Club/ Clwb Rygbi

Rugby club is open to children from Year 5 and 6 from both streams on Friday (3.30-4.30pm).

Miss Rhian Pritchard takes the club supported by Mr Jonathan Bowen.

Mae  clwb Rygbi ar gyfer plant ym mlwyddyn 5 a 6 o’r ddwy ffrwd ar Ddydd Gwener (3.30-4.30pm).

Mae Miss Rhian Pritchard yn cymryd y clwb hefo help o Mr Jonathan Bowen.