Autumn 2015 in Foundation Phase 2

It has been all go in Foundation Phase 2 this term already!  Children have been researching all about Diwali and creating their own work to show what they have been learning about.  The visit to Caerphilly Castle is shown in brilliant writing and detailed pictures.  Their friendly counting Dragon has been helping them with their number work and if you want to know how to be safe around fireworks just ask someone in the class!

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Healthy Eating

On Thursday 5th February Georgina and Kayleigh, two students from Builth High School, visited Year 2 to talk to us about healthy living.  We learnt all about the types of food we should eat more of, that we need to exercise to keep our  bodies fit and that if we keep fit and healthy we will be happier in general.  Thanks to all the parents who encouraged their children to complete the questionnaire.  We really enjoyed the presentation and will endeavour to heed their advice.