Year 5 showing their story to Year 2

Year 5 worked on the story they had read about how New Zealand had been formed years ago.  The children used the Pie Corbet method to help them remember the order of the story.  Then they created story board/ cartoon strips to give to Year 2 in the form of a book about the creation of New Zealand, a story from the other side of the World.  One Wednesday afternoon the Year 5 children took their stories to Year 2 and performed the story detailing the events taken from The Magic Fishhook, retold by Heather Amery.

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Religious Education and Personal and Social Education this term

Year 5 have been looking at Religion and the Environment in their RE and PSE studies this term.  They have looked again at the stories from the Bible of the Creation and the Flood to remind themselves.  The children then got into groups and worked on creating a set of 10 Environmental Commandments for the present day.

In their PSE they have been looking at the impact of environmental issues in the wider World.  As we are developing our knowledge and understanding of the people of Brazil and their country they have created their own set of theatre boxes to allow them to put across the points that they have researched and try and answer the question ‘Should we be cutting down the trees of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil if they are valued as the ‘lungs of the World’?’.   The theatre boxes will be used to record their viewpoint using an ipad.


Year 5 do Forest School!

Year 5 have had a brilliant morning learning all about Forest School – some of the boys had been before but the rest were all new to it!  The Leader Sam introduced himself then got all the Forest School instructors from Builth Wells High School to introduce themselves.

There were a couple of past pupils in Lanie and Finbar with the rest of the team being Harvey, Liam, Connor, Dan, Katie and Katherine with their school teachers Mrs Mead and Miss Shaw.

There will be more from the children but for now here are some pictures of the day.

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Polli:nation with Year 5

Year 5 are so pleased to have been chosen to help with the survey of pollinators being carried out UK wide with OPALS in conjunction with Polli:nation.  Today we went out to measure the 10 metre by 10 metre plots we are to use for the surveys.  The school can comfortably have 6 that will be taken over by other classes once Year 5 have done a baseline survey.

First of all we measured the plot on the yard to see just how big it was — it was massive!

Then we used our human quadrat to try out our chosen areas so that we can cover as many habitats and environments as possible to survey.  We went on the yard, up the bank and field as well as they class garden and FP2’s bug hotel and finally a very large part of the nature area including the pond!

In the afternoon Karen Limbrick came along to tell us all about the important work we were going to start doing and which we could then tell others about so they could carry on the research over the coming years.  This is an amazing opportunity to get involved with a National survey that will hopefully help to stem the decline in many species of pollinators which is a bad thing for our environment everyone agreed.

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Year 5 Class Assembly

Year 5 had their class assembly on Friday, 29th April 2016.  The theme of the assembly was the life of a child in the 19th century.  They wrote the scripts themselves, evaluated them and then improved on them to create a series of sketches to show what they had learned.  The sketches were introduced by our very own Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.  The first sketch was about the life of a child in the mines. At the end of that sketch they went back home and the homes group took over.  In their sketch they told us how it was for families in the Victorian times leading us into what Victorian schools were like.  The final sketch was about the inspirational Dr Barnardo.

The children then sang a song in Welsh that they had learned for the Eisteddfod. ‘Daw hyfryd fis’ was sang as a round with a few of the children doing solo parts – it sounded beautiful and Mr Cornelius got them to sing it again at the end for him to record it.  It all ended with the class prayer which everyone contributed to.

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Victorian Day 2016

On Friday, 8th April 2016 everyone in Year 5 dressed in their very best Victorian clothes to parade around the town in search of Victorian buildings.  Everyone had been briefed about what to look for and a check list was to hand to compare the characteristics of the building to the ones on the list to show it was a Victorian property.  The weather was kind to us with sunny spells whilst we were out.  Here are some of the images of the tour.

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Investigation - changing states

In Year 5 this term we have been investigating how materials or things change their state.  So they might be solid, like chocolate, but then we can change their state to a liquid by adding heat.  We are seeing how much water is lost from fruit and vegetables when they are left out.

The investigation was set up on Wednesday, 9th March and we are checking it again on Wednesday, 16th March 2016.  What do you think will happen?  The class have made their best predictions so we will see!

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Victorian Miniatures Spring 2016

Year 5 have had a very busy day!  First of all they had to measure the wood to make their canvas frame for Art.  This meant that they were able to put to good use the strategies and skills for measuring they had been learning in Mathematics last week.  The wood was marked for the four sides with children choosing to have a rectangular or square canvas frame.

All the children had a reminder about how to saw safely using a bench vice and to be careful walking around with and using the saws.  The task of sawing the wood was greeted with enthusiasm by everyone!  The next step was to glue the sides together in the shape of a rectangle or square and then to re-enforce them with cardboard triangles.  The children used a right angle measure made from folded scrap paper (ask one of the class to show you how easy it is to do) to get the right size and shape.

Afterwards they had to cut out some material to use for the ‘canvas’ – Mrs Westlake’s recycled sheet.  The material was just a little bigger than the frame and was pinned in place with some drawing pins ready for painting.

The frame was hot glued by Mrs Westlake because it can be a hazardous task.  The canvas was then primed, by being painted white, ready for next week when the real work of painting the miniature can begin.  The children worked on the intitial ideas in their sketch books, in Art, trying out drawing different parts of the face before they started their painting and then went on to draw a final design. Key thing it to not make the picture too small as it is hard to paint even with special narrow brushes we use.

Here are some pictures of all the things we did today!