1960s day in Tryfan!

On Thursday, 15 December 2016 the pupils and teachers all got into character and came dress 1960s style for a day taking a step back into the past.

The children had researched the period looking at fashion, transport, homes, entertainment and family life.  The scene was set for a day of entertainment without the use of digital technology so there were board games like ludo, draughts, dominoes, pick-up-sticks, snakes and ladders as well as chess and music from a record player running genuine 1960s vinyl records from the Beegees, the Beatles, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly.

The children all contributed to creating the food for the party from baking sausage plaits with Mr Lewis and cheese straws with Mrs Westlake to making sandwiches, sausage on a stick and cheese cubes with pineapple and onions on sticks too.  The class was a hive of activity in the morning.

After lunch there were some children’s party games to play.  First off it was put the nose on the Reindeer whilst blindfolded (think tail on the donkey) then it was pass the parcel and finally some balloon relay activities in the hall!  Party food was needed and the children had the choice of chicken or salmon paste sandwiches or for the vegetarian egg or jam fillings.  There were sausages on sticks for vegetarians as well as everyone else.  The ice cream and jelly followed with cakes – some made by Joshua and some by Keisha.

Everyone had a brilliant day and went home very full!

Dosbarth Tryfan- Week 28th November

During the week in Literacy, we will be completing our unit of work on persuasive writing.  The children have produced some excellent pieces of role play.  The children will be using the ‘Big write’ session to write a letter to families persuading them to evacuate their children to the countryside.

In Maths, we will be completing our unit of work on data handling.  We will be calculating the mean, mode and median of data.  The children have worked hard on trying to find useful information from graphs and data in general.

The children will also be given different parts for the school Carol service that we would like them to learn.  Please can you support your children with this.

On Thursday we will be going to Newtown to see ‘Gangsta Granny’.  This should be an excellent experience for the children.  It is important that the children have a packed lunch with them.

21st November -25th November Dosbarth Tryfan

Parents evenings will be taking place this week.  Please check with your child the time that you have been allocated.  If you cannot make the appointment, please get in touch with the school office and we can reschedule the time.

During this week, we will be continuing our work on persuasive writing.  We will be encouraging the children to use the ‘Big Write’ wall to help inspire their writing.  Hopefully you will hear more persuasive language being used at home.  The children have worked very hard on this so far and did some excellent presentations under pressure last week.

In maths we are going to be looking at data handling.  The children are going to be interpreting graphs and data.  They will also identify the difference between discrete and continuous data.

It is important that the children continue to read at home and your support here is greatly appreciated.

14th November- 18th November 2016

In language this week, we will be looking at persuasive writing.  The children will be identifying features of persuasive writing, then trying to apply these features in to their own writing.

In maths, we will be looking at Ratio and Proportion.  The children will be using using the skills acquired to complete a maths challenge at the end of the week.  In our mental maths we will be working on counting in 2’s, 20’s and 200’s.  We will also be  working on our 6 times tables.  Any support you can give would be greatly appreciated.

The children are off to the ‘Wyewide’ on Thursday to see the High School production of ‘In to the woods’.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the children.

It is important that your child is reading at home on a regular basis.  We welcome your support.