Caerdydd 2016

On Monday, 11th April 2016 Ffg5 and Yr5 set off with Mr Price, Mr Cornelius, Mr Mason, Mrs Davies and Mrs Westlake for their educational field visit to Cardiff.  In two days they were going to the Big Pit in Blaenavon, the Principality Stadium, Techniquest and the National Museum of Welsh life at St Fagans as well as some fun in Red Dragon’s Ten Pin Bowling.  All with an over night stay at the Millenium Centre’s Urdd Sleepover!

Here are some of the photographs the children took with four cameras to keep a digital record of their experiences.  Mrs Westlake also took photographs when they were having too much fun to use a camera and of course the group photo!

cardiff16_001 cardiff16_002 cardiff16_004 cardiff16_006 cardiff16_007 cardiff16_008 cardiff16_009 cardiff16_010 cardiff16_011 cardiff16_012 cardiff16_013 cardiff16_014 cardiff16_015 cardiff16_016 cardiff16_017 cardiff16_019 cardiff16_020 cardiff16_021 118_0869 118_0872 118_0874 118_0876 118_0878 118_0882 118_0884 118_0885 118_0886 118_0898 118_0899 118_0900 118_0901 118_0902 118_0904 118_0906 118_0907 118_0908 118_0909 118_0910 118_0911 118_0912 118_0914 118_0915 118_0917 118_0918 118_0919 118_0920 118_0921(1) 118_0921 118_0922 118_0923 118_0925 118_0928 118_0929 118_0930 118_0931 118_0932 118_0933 118_0934 118_0935 118_0936 118_0937 118_0938 118_0942 118_0944 118_0951 118_0960 118_0961 118_0964 118_0965 118_0972 118_0974 118_0984 118_0985 118_0987cardiff16_022 cardiff16_023 cardiff16_024 cardiff16_025 cardiff16_026 cardiff16_027 cardiff16_028

Christmas around the World 2015

Today saw the culmination of rehearsals with the performances of ‘Christmas around the World’ by Ffrwd Gymraeg 5 a 6 and Year 5 and 6, in the afternoon and evening, for Family and Friends to enjoy.  After each performance we thought they had done their best job, but they surprised us all with an even better performance the next time!  It was lovely to see and hear the ‘bonus bits’ that the children added to enhance their performances which showed how much they were enjoying themself and thinking about what they could do to improve it.

The teachers and teaching assistants were delighted by the performances and it was easy to see how much the audience were loving every minute of the show from my position at the back on the lights.

We would all like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to all the people who helped the children with their costumes, they were truly impressive and clearly a lot of work had gone into making some of them.

Here are some of the images taken this morning of the children in their various groups representing the countries featured and the main characters.

Caerdydd 2015/Cardiff 2015

On Wednesday, 8th and Thursday, 9th July 2015 both Year 5 classes from the school went to Cardiff for a series of activities which included an overnight stay in the Millennium Centre’s Urdd City Sleepover.  Here are some of the pictures taken by the children during our stay.

St Fagan’s was our first port of call

dscf9898 dscf9910 dscf9913 dscf9915 dscf9921 dscf9931 dscf9940 dscf9941 dscf9942 dscf9944 dscf9946 dscf9947 dscf9957 dscf9958 dscn1206 dscn1216 dscn1221 dscn1225 dscn1226 dscn1227 dscn1229 dscn1230 dscn1231 dscn1232 dscn1235 dscn1244 dscn1245 dscn1246 dscn1249 dscn1253 dscn1254 dscn1255 dscn1256 dscn1257 dscn1258 dscn1259 dscn1260 dscn1261 dscn1262 dscn1303 dscn1310 dscn1311 dscn1318 dscn1320 dscn1335 dscn1337 dscn1340 dscn1343 dscn1345 dscn1618 dscn1646 dscn1648

Peace light visit

In December 2014 the Peacelight came to our school shared with us by representatives of the Boy Scouts and Girls Guides of Europe on a journey to Bethlehem.

Here are some of the images taken during the assembly.

dscn5986 dscn5992 dscn5995 dscn6001 dscn6004 dscn6006 dscn6010 dscn6011 dscn6013 dscn6026 dscn6027 dscn6034 dscn6042 dscn6049 dscn6052 dscn6059 dscn6062 dscn6063 dscn6066 dscn6067 dscn6068 dscn6069

Aladdin in Trouble

Aladdin in Trouble!

Year 5 and 6, from both the Welsh and English streams, went all out to perform a brilliant panto – Aladdin Trouble this year.  Here are some of the pictures of the groups from the panto.

dscn5947 dscn5954 dscn5960 dscn5962 dscn5963 dscn5966 dscn5968 dscn5969 dscn5974 dscn5975 dscn5977 dscn5978 dscn5980 dscn5984 dscn6073 dscn6074 dscn6077

Children in Need 2014 Plant mewn Angen

On Friday, 14th November we all dressed up as a Hero or Superhero to raise money for Children in Need.  There were all kinds of hero represented from the people in the emergency services to family members much admired by the children to fantasy superheroes.  The children and staff had great fun admiring the costumes in assembly in the morning before we had a visitor through the door.  Pudsey Bear came with DJ Tomo from Radio Cymru!!!!  Some of the children were interviewed and then Pudsey came into the hall to say hello!!  It was so exciting!

We were able to hear the recording of the interview later in Stars Assembly which was brilliant.  The Name the Bear competition was drawn too with the winner from Year 6 who picked Ieauan as the Bear’s name.

On Tuesday we sent the entries into the Blue Peter decorate some hero pants competition – they had 6,000 entries!

We managed to raise over £300 from our donations and the Naming the Bear competition which was fantastic. A huge ‘Thank you’ to everyone who took part and all their family and carers who helped to get their costumes ready.

Here are some of the photographs taken on the day.

dscn5676 dscn5678 dscn5679 dscn5681 dscn5683 dscn5685 dscn5686 dscn5687 dscn5692 dscn5694 dscn5696 dscn5697 dscn5699 dscn5701 dscn5702 dscn5707 dscn5709 dscn5710 dscn5714 dscn5716 dscn5722 dscn5726 dscn5728 dscn5731 dscn5732 dscn5734 dscn5736 dscn5741 dscn5746 dscn5783

Greenday for the NSPCC 2014

On Friday, 23 May 2014 everyone who wanted to, got dressed in green for the day in support of the NSPCC appeal – we have raised £212 so far!!

Here are some of very many outfits that were to be seen on the yard and in class during the day.

Huge thank you to everyone who helped to make this a fun day raising money for a good cause!

dscn3338 dscn3339 dscn3340 dscn3343 dscn3344 dscn3346 dscn3348 dscn3351 dscn3354 dscn3357 dscn3358 dscn3364 dscn3366 dscn3368 dscn3373 dscn3374 dscn3386 dscn3390

Sport Relief 2014

Today the whole school went on a walk through town and then around the Groe.  The children were brilliant despite some windy and wet weather at times!  In total so far we have raised £279!Thank you for all those who helped to make this day a success.