Parent Pay information

As you are aware Powys County Council are introducing Parent Pay.  This means that your children will not longer be required to bring dinner money in to school and it can all be managed online.

Below are some links for your information about how to set up and manage the new system.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the school office on the following email address:

Adding and using Parent Account credit

How to add your child

How to pay for items

How to set up an email and text alerts

Sports Day 2016

On Wednesday, 8th June 2016 we held our Sports Day events.  First of all the Juniors from both streams took to the field with the Infants following after lunch.

The children all threw themselves into their own events and and were thoroughly good sportsmen and women cheering everyone along.  There was a large crowd of family and friends on hand to watch too!

In the end it was the Yellow/ Irfon team that won on the day.  The team captains’ were on hand to collect the trophy from Mr Cornelius before they did a circuit of the track with the rest of the team.

Groundforce Day 2016

Groundforce day 2016 came about from a meeting of volunteers and friends of the school realising there was a need to make changes to the outside learning environment of the school that were going to be too expensive for them to undertake alone.  This led to an intiative by the Busy Bees After school and Holiday club, the Board of Governors and the Friends of the school to organise a day when everyone who was available, could come along to school and offer their time and skills to try and make a difference to the outside areas of the school and grounds.  A date was set and letters sent out and the School were overwhelmed by the generosity of parents, carers, friends and families who said they would come along and offer their services!

The first stage began on Saturday, 14th May when Mr Andy Powell, with his son Ryan (who was a past pupil), came along to use some serious lifting gear to remove the old adventure playground at the top of the bank.  This setup had offered very many hours of fun for generations of children, but had now been deemed dangerous due to the wood having become rotten over time since it was built in 1998.   Mr Terry Conti was also on hand to assist as he was already clearing large areas of brambles from around the playing field.

dscf1647 dscf1635 dscf1632 dscf1624 dscf1620 dscf1616 dscf1611 dscf1608 dscf1607 dscf1606 dscf1604

On Sunday, 15th May the army of volunteers descended on the school to meet with some of the staff and the headteacher to set about making lasting changes and improvements to the outdoor space at the School.  Here are some of the before pictures.

dscf1651 dscf1652 dscf1653 dscf1654 dscf1655 dscf1656 dscf1657 dscf1659 dscf1663 dscf1664 dscf1665 dscf1666 dscf1667 dscf1668 dscf1669 dscf1671 dscf1672 dscf1673 dscf1677 dscf1678 dscf1680 dscf1683 dscf1685 dscf1686 dscf1688 dscf1689 dscf1691 dscf1701 dscf1702 dscf1704 dscf1706 dscf1708

After they had finished the school grounds were transformed!  The infant courtyard was improved no end and still more changes are in the pipeline.  The work on the bank above the playing field saw the last of the brambles and black thorn removed and this opened up an area just made for an orienteering course!  There was even a mini pond underneath it all and a beautiful clump of bluebells!  More of the beech hedge lower branches were cut off to allow the children to play under there, a favourite spot for many, and with the new seats, which were once the adventure playground balance beams, children who want to sit and chat can!  The willow classroom had a much needed ‘haircut’ as did the fedge – the height of the tops was causing the sides to become loose.  Today, I saw a group of children sitting in the willow on the log seats playing a game and chatting at lunchtime in the sun.  Others are to be found all along the banks and under the beech whilst those who want to tear around playing football on the field!

dscf1721 dscf1723 dscf1725 dscf1778 dscf1780 dscf1784 dscf1786 dscf1787 dscf1788 dscf1790 dscf1791 dscf1792 dscf1793 dscf1794 dscf1795 dscf1796 dscf1797 dscf1798 dscf1799 dscf1800 dscf1802 dscf1804 dscf1805 dscf1806 dscf1807 dscf1808 dscf1809

The next day when we had assembly all the children and staff went out to see all the hard work that had been put into making their outside learning environment a much more enjoyable experience.  Everyone was amazed by what had been achieved in such a short space of time by an enthusiastic band of volunteers!  The whole school said a big Thank you!

dscn0541 dscn0542 dscn0543 dscn0544 dscn0545 dscn0546 dscn0547 dscn0548 dscn0549 dscn0550 dscn0551 dscn0552 dscn0553 dscn0554 dscn0555 dscn0556 dscn0565

Sport Relief 2016

Sports Relief Day 2016 raised a massive £176.44 and the money is still coming in!!  Huge thank you to everyone who took part and who helped to make the day a really good one.  We all got the chance to do sporting activities during the day whilst the Year 4 and Ffg4 children and teaching staff were over the show ground at the Jamboree and the School’s Rugby team were off competing at Dunvant!