Additional Learning Needs/ Dysgu Ychwanegol

 Additional Learning Needs at Builth Primary

What are Additional Learning Needs?

Some pupils with ALN show exceptional gifts or talents in a particular area – not only in school but outside school as well.  We celebrate these gifts and talents. Other children need help in a particular area of the curriculum whether it be in basic skills or English as an additional language.

This additional support may come from the teacher, teaching assistant, other school staff and other children.  At different times in a child’s school career they may need different types of support that is made available within their class.  They may need to revisit skills they did not initially understand or they may need support that is more specific to their individual needs.

Special Needs Register

Pupils are placed on the special educational needs register when, after a differentiated curriculum, they continue to display lack of progress and meet the S.E.N. Audit Criteria as set out by the S.E.N. Code of Practice.

 An area of Special Need will be identified as either:

·         Cognition and learning (general or specific learning difficulties)

·         Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties

·         Communication and interaction difficulties (speech and language difficulties, Autistic spectrum disorders)

·         Sensory and physical difficulties (hearing impairment, visual impairment, physical and medical difficulties)

Our school and the Local Authority operates a very carefully planned system for identifying, assessing and supporting children with specific educational needs.  It applies to all children and comprises of 3 stages of action:

·         School Action

·         School Action Plus

·         Statutory Assessment (where a child may meet the criteria to receive a Statement of Special Educational Needs)

Pupils may be moved from one consecutive stage of action to another as deemed appropriate by the Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (ALNCo) and class teacher.

It may be advisable, if progress is inhibited, to seek involvement and guidance from different outside agencies, e.g. the Educational Psychologist Service, depending on the needs of the child.

The children are assisted by well qualified and experienced Special Educational Needs teachers through the medium of English and Welsh, together with a number of very able and experienced classroom assistants.

Some of the intervention programmes we offer these children are as follows:

Catch-up Literacy programme

Springboard Maths

Nessy phonics programme

Dyfal Donc

Fine Motor skills support

Communication Groups

Literacy workshop

Maths Workshop

Social Skills group

For those children for whom English is an additional language; we take advice from the county organiser for English as an Additional Language.  These children may have the opportunity to receive additional help with their spoken English in school.

Useful websites for teachers and parents of children with Additional Learning Needs.

Useful websites for teachers and parents of children with Additional Learning Needs. Useful games and resources in all of the primary subjects. Nursery rhymes with lyrics and music Useful Literacy games to aid spelling. – Useful Literacy games to aid spelling. – Useful Literacy games to aid spelling. – Useful Literacy games to aid spelling.,index- Useful website that identifies the features of different text types. Useful for ks2 pupils. – Reading comprehension exercises to complete online. Fun Maths games covering a variety of mathematical concepts.  Fun Maths games covering a variety of mathematical concepts. Information and games to play for Autistic children. County legislation and information on Additional learning needs.