Busy Bees After School and Holiday Club

Busy Bees After School and Holiday Club is run by Miss Heidi Lewis, Play Leader, along with other play assistants,  and starts from the end of lessons at 3.25 pm up until 5.30 pm, every school day.  The Busy Bees Holiday Club runs at other times as detailed in their own leaflets which can be found in the foyer.

Busy Bees provides professional care for children, whose parents/carers are at work, through a planned programme of play activities at reasonable rates.

All details can be found by contacting Miss Heidi Lewis after school or via the Busy Bees Facebook page.

The Busy Bees After School and Holiday Club’s Facebook page also shows lots of pictures of the children engaged in some of the range of activities available to do!




Busy Bees

dscn3064 dscn3065 dscn3066 dscn3067 dscn3068 dscn3069 dscn3070 dscn3071 dscn3072 dscn3073 dscn3074 dscn3075 dscn3076 dscn3077 dscn3078 dscn3079 dscn3080 dscn3081 dscn3082 dscn3083 dscn3084 dscn3085 dscn3086 dscn3087 dscn3088 dscn3089 dscn3092Busy Bees is an After School and Holiday Club for children who attend the school from ages 3 to 12 years (children can come to the club from the term before they start school).

After school club starts at the end of the school day and runs until 5.30pm.

Holiday Club opens at 8.45am and runs until 5.30pm.

For further details about Busy Bees please contact Ms Heidi Lewis, the Leader, through the School office.


Busy Bees get green fingers

Busy Bees have been out in the garden planting seeds, beans and peas with a little help from a Friend of Busy Bees.