Computer Club/ Clwb Cyfriaduron

Computer Club/ Clwb Cyfrifiaduron is held every Tuesday during lunchtime.  Children from both streams and from Year 1 to Year 6 are welcome to put their names forward to join.  As numbers are always high – 93 last time – we have groups of 30 children for a block of 6 weeks until everyone has had a turn.  Then we ask who would like another go and start all over again!

The children are mixed ages with half of them from the lower school in each batch, that way it allows them to have some time on their own on a computer before the older children come from lunch. The older children can then double up with a younger person and help them if they need it before they too get some time on their own on a computer when the younger ones leave the suite at 12.55 to join their class after the lunch break.