Nature Club in the Autumn/ Clwb Natur yn yr Hydref

In the club after school today we were thinking about the Autumn leaves and how pretty everything looked.  We had been given the bread wheatsheaf from the Harvest Service last term, as it was not possible to eat it as it was stale, we thought about helping our wildlife with it.  Together the children came up with three options of where to put it and then we voted.  The vote was in favour of putting it on the field near the nature area.  We are going to do a survey of it every week and to photograph it to see what is happening to it.  The children estimate it will take about 6 weeks to completely go!

DSCN4049 DSCN4051 DSCN4052 DSCN4053 DSCN4054 DSCN4055 DSCN4056

Feed the birds

In Nature Club on Monday, 7th March we went out to collect the old bird feeders and recycled them.  We did not want to use them again in case we gave the birds any diseases.  We made some new ones with lard, nuts, seeds, apples, oats, muesli, bread and dried fruit all mixed together and spooned into some cut out milk cartons we were recycling.  We went out to hang them up in the hedges and on the Fedge in the Infants yard.

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Big Bird Watch - Nature Club 2016

Nature Club put on their wellies and coats and dashed out to join Mrs Westlake out in the school grounds on the Big Bird Watch 2016 last Friday, 29 January 2016.  It was a surprisingly nice day if a bit windy, but the sun shone most of the time and the rain came after we had finished our hour.

First of all Mrs Westlake was out at the barn where it was possible to be hidden and still see what was happening.  Harri noticed a wren on the logs that are for Forest Schools and she did not seem to mind us at all!  Mr Cornelius joined us and saw a house sparrow and some Blue Tits.  By now everyone who could make had arrived so we went up onto the field to see what it was like up there. Straight away we spotted some crows and a wood pigeon.  Then when we moved across to the other side of the field we were amazed to see two Red Kites swirling and twirling on the wind!  How special was that?  We also saw a few metal birds as several airplanes were leaving their trails in the sky.

All too soon it was time to go back down to line up on the yard for afternoon lessons.

The tally of bird will be added here but until then here are some images of our Bird Watch 2016.

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Nature Club in the Garden

Nature Club went out into the garden on Tuesday after school to tidy it up and plant some more flowers to bring in the the wildlife.  They also refurbished the bug hotel to encourage more insects to come into the garden.  Here are some photos of them busy at work.

may15_001 may15_002 may15_003 may15_004 may15_005 may15_006 may15_007 may15_008 may15_013 may15_014 may15_015 may15_016

Clay Masks in Nature Club Spring Term

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

We enjoyed making the clay masks so much in the Autumn term that we decided to have another go!  Miss McCarthy was not with us last time so it was something new for her!

20141118_160629 20141118_160705 20141118_160732 20141118_160746 20141118_160801 20141118_160809 20141118_160843 20141118_160946 20141118_161007 20141118_161030 20141118_161100 20141118_161107

Club news – Tuesday, 18 November

Nature club were all out and about this week with people putting up the bird seed feeds we made last week and creating clay masks.

If you want to know how to make the bird seed feeders ask a club member!  They are really easy to make and the birds were watching as we were hanging them up!!

The clay masks were really good fun to make and used natural items that were found around about which were pressed into the clay on the tree trunk.


I am sure that the birds will all enjoy their winter snacks!

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