Dosbarth Gwy

Blynyddoedd 1 a 2 – Ffrwd Gymraeg


Dosbarth Gwy is the Yr.1/2 class in Ffrwd Gymraeg. Gwy is the Welsh word for the River Wye/Afon Gwy.

All our learning activities within the Areas of Learning and Experience of our curriculum take place through the medium of Welsh and are based on termly topics. Some activities are done in focus groups with the teacher or assistant, and others are independent tasks chosen freely by the children during ‘Amser Enfys’.

Outdoor learning is an important aspect of our work and every Thursday – Dydd Iau ar y Cae – we go outside to complete a variety of activities across the Areas of Learning and Experience.

Our P.E day is Friday and the children can come to school in their P.E clothes on that day.


Autumn Term 2023

Our topic this term is ‘Dŵr i Fyw’ (Water of Life) and we are learning about different bodies of water in our local area e.g. Afon Gwy (River Wye), Afon Irfon (Irfon River) and how one flows into the other. We will also learn about the history of Nant yr Arian at the bottom of Hospital Road.

The story of the Gingerbread Man will inspire language activities and other activities across the curriculum.

In Science, we will explore floating and sinking, the water cycle and the difference states of water – liquid, solid (ice) and gas (steam).

Our topic Maths will include measuring the volume of water and the temperature of water.

We hope to learn about the Christian Christening Ceremony and compare it to how the Sikhs celebrate the birth of a new baby.

In Expressive Arts, we will explore the work of the artist Helen Elliott and experiment how to mix colours to create similar pictures. Impelo Dance will work with us to create water dances.

We will promote the importance of drinking water and using water to wash and brush our teeth in Health and Wellbeing.

Athrawes – Mrs Michelle Davies

Cynorthwywyr – Mrs Julie Sullivan