Friends of the School


The friends are a dedicated group of parent and staff volunteers who work together to raise funds for the school to enhance the children’s education and promote positive links with families and the community. 

We fundraise through, events, initiatives and grants.  Our events not only raise funds but help us bring the whole school community together such as our discos and festivals which are hard work but seeing the children enjoy makes it all worth the effort. Initiatives just as the Dragon clothes recycling banks, easy fundraising and our party pack hire all contribute to our fundraising.
Christmas gifts, leavers hoodies, school shows, transport are some of the everyday things we help to fund and bigger projects like the barn makeover and outdoor classroom we are proud to know was possible with our support.
If you would like to help the friends by either joining the committee or volunteering at our events, please get in touch. We love welcoming new supporters. 

Charity no:  1199308
Email address: