Information for new starters

Starting the Journey in Reception

Dechrau ar y Daith yn y Derbyn

Croeso to Builth Primary School! Here’s some information about our daily routines and also about equipment your child will need when he/she starts with us full time in September:

Entering and leaving school

School begins at 8:50am and children enter through the double gates to the right of the building anytime from 8:40am. Mr Cornelius (Headteacher) or Mrs Michelle Davies (Deputy Head) greets the children at the gate and then they proceed to the yard to meet their friends. In the early days, parents bring their children onto the yard, but as they settle into school, we encourage them to come in independently. The children enter the classroom through their outside door where they will be greeted by their class teacher.

At the end of the day

The gates are opened at 3.15pm for parents to come to the yard and Miss Williams will release Ffrwd Gymraeg pupils from the cloakroom door on the foundation phase yard as she sees their parents and Mrs N. Davies will do the same through her classroom door. The day officially ends at 3.25pm.


We have a 15-minute morning break on the yard and then immediately after break we have a ‘Amser Ffrwythau’ (Fruit Time) when the children can eat a piece of fruit that they have brought from home. While eating their fruit, they either listen to a story or some music.


At 11:45am, the Reception children in both streams go to the hall for lunch where a member of staff and the dinner ladies help them with their food (e.g. cutting it up, opening packets etc). For the first quarter of an hour, only the Reception children are in the dinner hall and so have the sole attention of the staff until the Year 1 & 2 children come in. They are encouraged to eat as much as they can before they go out to play.

This is an important time for the children, when they further develop personal skills that they have begun learning at home, such as cutting up food, pouring a drink of water, packing away their lunch box, behaving appropriately at the table etc.

Your child can either have a school dinner or bring a packed lunch or even do a combination of the two. A 3 week menu will be available for you to see what’s on offer. Powys now run a cashless system for the payment of school meals and you will receive information nearer the time on how to sign up for this.

School Uniform

Green school sweatshirt, black/grey trousers, white/navy polo shirt, black shoes. Sweatshirts can be ordered online (we will give you details during your child’s induction week in July). Please label all items of clothing – diolch! Names fade in the wash, so please check that we can still read the name after a few washes!

P.E Kit

For P.E. the children will need shorts, t-shirt, pumps/trainers and also a sweatshirt/hoodie and jogging/tracksuit bottoms for outdoor PE during colder weather. In September, we will let you know on which day the children have PE because on PE day we would like them to come to school wearing their kit.

Outdoor Learning Clothes

Learning in the outdoors is an important part of our curriculum whatever the weather! The children will need a waterproof coat and leggings and a pair of wellies which will be kept in school for a term at a time.

School Bags/Reading Bags

The children like to bring a bag to school to carry their fruit, water bottle and the home-school booklet and reading books that we give them. Any bags are fine, but there are reading bags available in the school office at a cost of £4:00 if you wish to buy one.

We are looking forward to welcoming your child to our school and to building a positive home-school partnership with you as a family. Please contact us if you have any queries:

Tel: 01982 553600


Diolch yn fawr.